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About Us


Southwest Labs is an advanced toxicology reference laboratory, located in Albuquerque, dedicated to medical professionals, patients, and communities.  Southwest Labs is focused on a single area of specialization – clinical drug testing. Because of our dedication to minimizing drug abuse, and our expertise and experience in this field of concern, we choose not to be an all-things-to-all people laboratory. We test for an expansive list of drugs and medications, and use the most advanced technology available.

Southwest Labs was formed by individuals with years of experience as reference laboratory professionals and addiction treatment specialists in response to the shortcomings of impersonal, corporate mega-labs who have no interest in our communities.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. That is why SWL decided to offer an alternative to giant, impersonal labs that many local doctors have relied on for their patient testing needs. Southwest Labs  actively supports physicians and their staff with training, monitoring, and education programs designed to reduce drug abuse and address the growing overdose epidemic.

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